Physician Supervised Weight Management


You may be one of many people who have tried several diets in the past, but are still struggling with maintaining a healthy weight. 


You may have lost weight, only to have all, and sometimes more of your weight return once the diet was stopped.


All fad diets have the potential of causing rebound weight gain because the diet does not teach one lifestyle changes to address healthy eating. 


Once you stop a fad diet, it is inevitable that the weight will return. 


In addition to the problem of rebound weight gain, prior to starting most diets the individual is not screened for hormonal, metabolic, which can play a significant role in causing weight gain and difficulty losing weight. 


If these imbalances are not addressed, the individual is doomed to fain at successfully losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Our Physician Supervised Weight Management Programs are not fad diets.


Our plans will help you:

            Identify the causes of your weight gain

            Quickly and safely help you shed the excess pounds

            Maintain your new healthy weight

            Transition you to a healthier lifestyle


Hcg for Weight Loss


*Hcg is a glycoprotein that maximizes the function of the body's fat control center in the brain. 


*Hcg breaks down abnormal fat stores and make these calories available to the body to be used as a source of nutrients and energy.


On our Physician Supervised Hcg Program, our patients typically lose 1/2 to 1 pound of abnormal fat per day!


 Each pound of fat contains 3,500 calories.  This breakdown of fat gives our clients access to adequate amounts of nutrients and energy.  The internal generation of calories, as a result of Hcg, allows our clients to effectively control hunger and cravings while maintaining low calorie diet.  The result is fast, safe and sustained weight loss. 


On our progam, the average weight loss is 15-20 pounds in 25-13 days!


The majority of our patients successfully maintain their weight loss.




*   These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA



Lifestyle Weight Loss Program


The Lifestyle Weight Loss Program is a Weight Management Plan which systematically addresses the underlying causes of weight gain. 


This plan allows the individual to effortlessly incorporate a series of lifestyle changes so they can shed the excess pounds and maintain their new healthy lifestyle.