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I am Dr. Camille Semple-Daly, a Board Certified OB/GYN physician. Over the past decade I have done extensive research into the health of women. Despite a very busy OB/GYN practice, I have become very active with efforts to assist women and men with Hormone Imbalance.

To provide the most effective management system for Hormone Restoration, I have pursued the following:

Reviewed the available literature relative to Hormone Replacement Therapy. I have become painfully aware of the  adverse effects of some synthetic hormones.

Attended training seminars and conventions convened by the experts in the field of hormone replacement therapy

Accordingly I have extracted the best approach to manage the restoration of hormone deficits experienced by millions of women and men worldwide.

The clear choice in our management plan is Bioidentical Hormone Restoration Therapy. I have been trained in the appropriate utilization and technique of administering Pellet therapy for Hormone Restoration.  I recognize that the route of administration is vital to achieving the optimal results, and will continue to utilize this knowledge in the management of your individualized therapeutic plan.

In the management of the symptoms of hormonal imbalance, physician training continues to be primarily on synthetic hormones. Most physicians have never been trained on the use of bioidentical hormone restoration. Physicians who effectively manage their patients' hormone imbalance utilizing BHRT have to do what we know is safe and effective for our paitents. Physicians need to be proactive in the interest of better health for their patients.

Thus REPLENISH - Center for Natural/Bioidentical Hormone Restoration was launched. We are dedicated to Bioidentical Hormone Restoration for men and women.
While many symptoms indicate a hormone imbalance, careful attention must be paid to ensure other problems do not exist. A full exploration of ones symptoms, a detailed medical history, and family history will be assessed at the initial consultation to determine the extent of the hormone imbalance, and to rule out other potential underlying pathology.

All patients are initially assessed by detailed metabolic and hormone panels.  Based on the individual's needs, we may assess and manage areas such as Adrenal Dysfunction, Neurotransmitters, and Gastrointestinal health.  All areas are approached from a Functional standpoint.  Our approach is not to simply get you to be in the laboratory range of normal, we desire for you to be functional, and to be able to perform your activities of daily living with ease and comfort. 

At Replenish Center we place a strong emphasis on finding the underlying cause of your hormone imbalance.  In addition, we have found that when we give a paitent the lowest dose of hormones to make them comfortable, we are better able help them to attain balance without negative side-effects. Our low-dose approach, in addition to correcting the underlying problems that led to hormone imbalance, has been very succesful in returning the patient to a natural balance, as their own body now has the ability to supply them with the hormones they need.  Our goal for all patients is to help your body attain balance. 

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Based on the information in your profile you will be advised what hormones need to be tested.  You wil be sent the appropriate test kit.  If  you are interested in Pellet BHRT where the hormones are painlessly inserted under the skin for 4-6 months of symptoms relief, you will require a blood test.  If you are interested in Traditional BHRT, which requires taking the hormones daily, you will need a saliva test. 

 Special emphasis is placed on nutrition, regular exercise, stress management, and lifestyle choices (such as smoking), to identify the source of imbalance and to assist the body in maintaining proper balance. In some instances a physical examination may be indicated. Personalized assistance will be available to those who need advice with regards to proper nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle choices.

All staff and therapeutic partners are dedicated to promoting the safety, health, and wellbeing of all our clients.


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